Our single most important initiative is generating results. We have accomplished a lot, but much remains to be done.

While we continue to encourage and embrace our agricultural industry, tourism industry and the energy industry, we need to cultivate a new and diversified job base such as internet related jobs and light manufacturing.  These links will lead you to the two Wadley Donovan studies funded by the Wyoming Business Council on target opportunities for Sheridan and target industry profile.  These studies identify the kind of “jobs of the future” and types of businesses that we need to encourage and develop in Sheridan if we are to build a more robust economy. Also, of interest is this Business Development Guide aimed at businesses who may be interested in expanding and/or relocating in Sheridan. It contains a lot of really good information about Sheridan’s favorable business climate. I encourage you to read these publications and to share them with others.

If you have questions, thoughts or ideas about job growth and economic development in Sheridan, my door is always open, and I welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

The Mayor’s primary initiatives to help Sheridan are:


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