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Promoting Job Growth & Opportunity

In Sheridan we continue to focus on our top priority of growing wages and jobs. We are doing this in a way that increases our opportunities while maintaining our quality of life.

The completion of the 40-acre High Tech Business Park is a critical step to job creation.  This partnership of education and City Hall is a key to economic growth in Sheridan.

We need to preserve and promote our existing job base, including jobs in agriculture, energy and tourism.

The first source of job growth is existing employers in the community.  It is important that Sheridan area businesses have an environment that promotes job creation.  In this regard City Hall must be “business ready” by streamlining our permitting and development processes, reducing fees, and repairing and upgrading our  infrastructure.

Now, during this national economic downturn, is when we need to prepare for the rebound.  When the national economy turns around – and businesses firm up plans to expand or relocate – we want Sheridan to be at the forefront of their plans.

Also important are our pathway systems, preserving our downtown, saving the Goose Creeks, celebrating our history. All are critical to the quality of life here and critical to building the community’s future.

In addition, we need to attract firms looking to expand or relocate to Sheridan who will hire and train local employees, and live and buy local. In doing so, we will diversify our job base, bringing in jobs that are underrepresented in our local economy – jobs of the 21st century.  These are jobs that offer benefits and have average wages significantly above the Sheridan average wage.

We want businesses such as data centers that can take advantage of our low cost electricity.  We want to attract high tech and light manufacturing jobs.  We are already training our students to fill these “non-smokestack” jobs of the future, but right now there are few local employers.

We are focusing on attracting firms that will initially employ between 5 and 50 Sheridan residents.  We will, of course, visit with all serious prospects, but these firms are of the size our local market can readily accommodate.

We are seeking to attract businesses located in those anti-job, anti-business states where employers yearn for the quality of life and business ready climate which Sheridan offers.

We’ve done great work in repairing and extending our infrastructure.  Water and sewer systems, streets, landfill, recycling – all are critical to creating opportunity for Sheridan’s families.

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