Free Grindable Demolition Debris Disposal at the Landfill

///Free Grindable Demolition Debris Disposal at the Landfill

To encourage infill development, community cleanup and extend the life of the landfill, the City of Sheridan is offering free grindable demolition debris disposal for permitted residential or commercial building demolition projects within city limits. Free grindable demolition disposal for up to 100 tons of demolition waste, per permit, can save property owners $46.58/ton for sorted material. Click here to learn more about what’s grindable and for a checklist to get started. To learn more, call 675-4224. Demolition projects must be permitted by the city to be eligible for free grindable demolition disposal. Permits must be presented at the landfill when disposing of waste.  Click here to read City Council Resolution 22-17 (see page 4).  You can also see additional information in the following video.


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