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Our mission is to provide quality service in the areas of engineering, traffic, streets, planning, building, water pollution control, facility maintenance, and code enforcement in order to contribute to the physical, social and economic growth of the City of Sheridan. We seek to ensure a safe working environment for all City of Sheridan employees and to improve the quality of the environment through the application of innovative management practices, use of the best technology, sound conservation principles, and teamwork.

The Department is organized into the following divisions:


Public works administration provides leadership, policy development, administrative and technical support, career development and training opportunities.  Administration is also engaged in economic development through the pursuit of grants and low-cost loans, as well as attracting established employers to Sheridan.

Street Operations and Maintenance

The street maintenance division maintains the City of Sheridan’s public roadway network and storm water drainage system. Their work is essential to public safety.

Parks and Cemetery Divisions

The parks and cemetery divisions are responsible for the landscape maintenance and repair of all parks, some open space, pathways, and misc. facilities. The Parks and Cemetery crews also jointly perform ground maintenance and all operations at the Cemetery.

Fleet Maintenance and Shop Division

The fleet maintenance division manages ongoing maintenance and replacement planning for all City vehicles and equipment. The City of Sheridan currently has over two-hundred motorized vehicles, all of which are crucial to the provision of various city services.

Planning and Economic Development

The planning division reviews, approves, and issues permits for public and private projects related to improvements and grading, subdivision, right-of-way encroachment, annexations and sign permits. It also supports the City of Sheridan’s community economic development initiatives.

Building Division

The building division is an excellent community resource who reviews plans, issues permits, and provides inspections for several different types of public and private building projects.

Engineering Division

The engineering division is responsible for fulfilling the City of Sheridan’s capital improvement plan, as well as traffic, flood plain administration, flood control, and management of several different local, state, and federal funding resources.

Utility Administration

Utility administration encompasses water, sewer, and landfill service billing. The department is responsible for the timely and accurate billing of over 10,000 customers in the Sheridan area, while providing exceptional customer service to each and every one of its customers.

Sheridan and Big Goose Water Treatment Plants

An essential public health division, the Sheridan and Big Goose Water Treatment Plants provide potable (drinking) water to more than 20,000 citizens in the Sheridan County area.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

The wastewater collection division, in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act requirements, provides routine sanitary sewer collection services to the Sheridan area. This department is also responsible for ensuring public health.

Utility Maintenance

The maintenance and operations division handles the ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs of all aspects of the water and sewer distribution system. Crews are trained for skill and speed of response.

Landfill and Recycling

The solid waste and recycling divisions are responsible for the collection of solid waste and recycling, and the operation and maintenance of the landfill, all in compliance with Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. This is one of the most heavily used services provided by the City of Sheridan.

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