State Loan and Investment Board Approves Funding for Sheridan Renewable Energy Assessment

///State Loan and Investment Board Approves Funding for Sheridan Renewable Energy Assessment

Sheridan Wyoming, April 6, 2017:  At their meeting today in Cheyenne, WY, the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) approved funding for a $44,000 Wyoming Business Council Planning Grant to the City of Sheridan for the Sheridan Renewable Energy Assessment.    The goal of the project is to analyze the potential for renewable energy production throughout the community.  Opportunities and barriers to renewable energy projects, particularly solar power, will be explored for both residential and commercial scale development.  The project seeks to emulate the success of the City’s small Hydropower turbine project, which will be installed this construction season.


In addition to promoting energy efficiency and diversity in the community’s power production portfolio, the hope is that encouraging renewable power production also makes the community more attractive to investment from technology companies and businesses that have made use of renewable energy an important part of their business strategies and corporate philosophy.  Mayor Roger Miller explains, “Part of what makes Sheridan attractive to investment is the lifestyle we offer, and our responsiveness to the business community.  The Renewable Energy Assessment is an opportunity for us to demonstrate we understand the wants and needs of technology and knowledge based businesses.  These are some of the important industry targets we’ve identified through our local economic development efforts, and the regional work of the Northeast Wyoming Growth Alliance.”


The project will also engage local utility providers such as MDU and PreCorp, and explore options that use existing power infrastructure and direct onsite power generation.  The grant funds will be combined with $16, 530 of local matching funds for a total project budget of $60,530.

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