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Permit Requirements

The City of Sheridan requires a building permit for any undertaking with building costs over $3,000 or if a new building is over 200 square feet. Some electrical, mechanical and plumbing work must be permitted regardless of the value. The City issues two types of building permits: simple permits and permits that require a plan review.

Detailed Building Permit

Detailed Building Permits should be used for all permits that require a plan review. A building project requires a plan review by building officials in any case that involves structural work, such as new residential and/or commercial projects, any remodels and/or additions, adding a deck, etc.

Simple Permit

Simple Building Permits should be used for all permits that do not require a plan review. Projects that do not include a plan review include roofing, siding, installation of fireplaces or furnaces in an existing building (and are not part of an overall remodel project), etc.