City Council Meeting February 5th, 2018

//, General News, Public Notices/City Council Meeting February 5th, 2018



February 5th, 2018

 Regular Council Meeting Start 7:00 P.M. 

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance 
  3. Invocation to be given by  Tri Robinson, The Rock Church
  4. Swear in New Junior Council Members
  5. Roll Call of Members and Junior Council
  6. Approval Agenda
  7. Consent Agenda 
    1. Minutes of Regular Council Meeting January 15th, 2018
    2. Claims
    3. Acknowledge Letter from IAFF Local #276 Requesting Collective Bargaining
  8.  Junior Council Update – Council President Kelly Gooch
  9. Staff Update 
    1. 2018 Public Works Update – Public Works Director Lane Thompson
    2. Sales and Use Tax Update – City Administrator Mark Collins
    3. AFG Grant and Fire Service Study – Fire and Emergency Services Director Terry Lenhart



  1. Second Reading of Ordinance #2182 – Updates and Revisions to City Code – City Prosecuting Attorney Brendon Kerns



  1. Approval of Award to Condrey & Associates for Class and Compensation Study – Human Resources Director Heather Doke


  1. Approval of Reappointment of Rich Bridger to SAWS Board – Mayor Roger Miller


  1. Comment from the Council and the Public


  1. Adjournment
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