Fire Rescue Training

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The activities which firefighters and rescue personnel are required to perform can be frightening. They frequently must work at heights, they are exposed to flame, heat and smoke and they may have to enter dark confined spaces or rescue work.

He or she must also rely greatly upon their colleagues and their officers to look after them in hazardous situations. They need to be confident in their ability to do so. They need to know that if they are given an order by an officer, then that officer will have considered the firefighters safety before asking them to do the dangerous task.

Ice Rescue Training

The ice program is designed to train Sheridan Fire-Rescue members in the fundamental and practical skills needed to perform safe and successful ice rescues. Understanding the special conditions to an ice rescue, such as victim hypothermia and ice formation, can make the critical difference in a rescue attempt. With proper training, rescuers can more often save victims of ice-related incidents without risking the safety of their own personnel.