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The Engineering Department is dedicated to helping you answer questions related to your property impacted by the flood plain. For any questions regarding the NFIP, flood plain maps, elevation certificates or way to reduce the potential for flood damage, please contact the Engineering Office at (307) 674-6483 Ext. 232.

Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates are required for all building construction or substantial improvement within a designated flood hazard area. The City of Sheridan maintains copies of all elevation certificates submitted in conjunction with a building permit. Elevation certificates are available by request at City Hall. Please note, elevation certificates now require building photographs for completion.

Additional Resources

To view the City of Sheridan Flood Insurance Rate Map, or access a copy of the Elevation Certificate, please see the floodplain documents at the bottom of the page. The most current map is also available as a layer on our GIS Viewer. For more information on how to protect families and properties from flood and other natural or man-made disasters, please see the FEMA link .