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My street light went out last night. How do I get it replaced? 2012-01-05T21:54:15+00:00

Street light maintenance is the responsibility of Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU).  If it is a decorative street light (lantern-type), the City is responsible for maintenance and repair.  Please call the Streets Division @ 674-4112 to report a problem. 

How do I report a pothole? 2012-01-11T19:45:01+00:00

You can report a pothole by either calling the Pothole Patrol hotline at 674-4112 or by contacting the Streets Division.

Why is it important not to dump oil or other chemicals down a storm drain? 2012-01-11T19:53:20+00:00

The storm drains empty directly into Big Goose Creek, Little Goose Creek or Goose Creek without prior treatment. Dumping toxic items into the storm drain or curb and gutter will directly impact the health of the creeks flowing through our community. Help us protect our natural resources by disposing of chemicals and oils responsibly and appropriately.  Questions may be directed to the Street Division @ 674-4112 or the City Landfill @ 674-8461.

When can you blade and/or gravel our street? 2011-10-17T22:15:19+00:00

We have to prioritize the streets based on the amount of usage. Please be patient.

Why are we flushing the streets? 2011-10-17T22:15:08+00:00

This program was developed by DEQ and the City of Sheridan to improve our air quality. The water used is untreated water pumped from Big Goose Creek.

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